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The Coffee Shop Chronicles, Volume 1: Oh, The Places I’ve Bean!

by F. J. Dagg on October 4th, 2010

…is the title of a just-released collection of short stories from A Word With You Press (AWWYP), a consortium of writers and artists that has sprung into being over the last few months. The Coffee Shop Chronicles is the result of a contest–or challenge–announced in February 2010 by Thornton Sully, Editor-in-Chief of AWWYP, wherein writers were invited to create a story touching upon “a cup of coffee.” Didn’t matter how coffee was involved, entrants could dwell on it, or merely touch upon it. From the AWWYP site:

An anthology of one-hundred best stories, that all start or end with a cup of coffee. They can be humorous and jittery, or about a life-changing event that is somehow linked to that magic brew.

Um, in the interest of full disclosure, yes, the volume contains a story of mine, “Cafe Zanzibar,” located last on the roster, I’m told, rather in the manner of the headliner at a concert. (Well, no, the editors didn’t actually say I was the headliner, but I rather like the notion.)

Kidding aside, one hundred gifted writers are represented, so please visit A Word With You Press and sample some of the treats on offer there. ( I’m confident that after you do, you’ll want to support this growing community of artists and writers by purchasing a copy of The Coffeeshop Chronicles, Volume 1: Oh, the Places I’ve Bean! –a lovely, paperback coffee table book:

Post image for GONE TO PRESS!!!

While you’re there, check out the other contests that have come and gone through the year (see the list in right-hand sidebar). Who knows, you might want to join us and enter some of your own work in a current or upcoming contest. I hope you do!

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